Hey Barbie whats with that warm fuzzy feeling...

OK so today is a new day and Bailee is doing OK. Great, right? RIGHT!

Well FGB (Farm Girl Barbie) is on her way over this morning, we are loaded, locked, and ready. Sewing Machines, Hair Color and the ingredients make MARZIPAN. Now for the looooongest time I have mis-pronounced this word. But she had set on the path to enlightenment. She has the recipe. She called a couple of times and asked about Rose-Water, Orange Blossom-Water, and finally decided we needed Cognac. We, as any good Molly Barbie's, had no Cognac. So I took Queenie Barbie and and off we headed in search of said warm and fuzzy ingredient. We both figured it was something that could be found in the super market with the cooking wine, HA! Not even on your 40th birthday. So after several calls to Gentile Barbie's and a Ken Barbie we headed off to a "Liquor Store"! Now here is where it gets tricky. I used to be a not so good girl and figured no prob-lame-O. WRONG. After going to several Beer and Wine store's (BTW they don't sell the hard stuff there), I was so kindly directed next door to the Den of Iniquity. No pretty neon sign's, heavy tinted windows, and, well you get the picture. So as I entered the store I was over come with stupid, yes I turned into that not so cool housewife that I am and had to stutter and explain that I don't drink, I am just looking for Cognac for baking, did they have any? If you could have seen the look on the ladies face, OIE VEY! Needless to say she gave us the help we needed. And as I rushed out of that store I was pretty sure the very angels of hell where there ready to swallow me whole. No wonder they give it to you in the Brown Bag!

Well later today I will post picture of this new confection, just thought you might want a good chuckle for this morning. Have a great day.


Jessica said…
What a great description! I need to take writing lessons in order to write like that!!

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