The Divine Miss Blu!
I am grateful for puppies. They are a pain the butt, but the reward of warm puppy breath and snuggles far out weigh the fact that I have had to shampoo my carpet for the umpteenth time, LOL! Blu's story is heart wrenching, really! One afternoon #19 and I were out and about scouting for some new photography vignette's. Long story short, I wound up in the ditch and this little imp was just sitting on the road. She was cold, starving and flea ridden. Did I mention she was only about 4 weeks old. She was still looking to nurse. We brought her home without thought, flea bathed her more than once. Feed her belly. And gave her a warm bed. Handsome Husband was not due to be home for a least another week and a half, so I figured I had plenty of time to find her a home. But it only took a day or two and she had imprinted (did I really use that term??) on the girls and I. How was I going to explain this??? Well after I told him to prepared his big ole bad self, there was a puppy in the house, I waited. First day home and I made the girls leave for a couple of hours. I then had an errand or two to run. Upon my arrival I found him in his chair and Blu on the ottoman at his feet. And the rest they say is HISstory. She is here to stay. She is a brat, ornery and full of all that puppy jazz. Welcome Home Blu.


Jessica said…
I fell in love with her too! I loved sleeping with her. It's funny actually... I said to Joe: "I fell in love with him, and slept with him on the couch" He said he never thought he would hear me say those words. LOL

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