1/14 of my Gratitude

I am grateful that I live in a small town. I can say from experience that I have been there and done that when it come to big cities. I grew up in Southern California, rebelled in the Mid-West, sewed some oates in New York, settled down in Wyoming and now just love my small town Texas life. We still have a hardware store, just off the town square. You can get a haircut at the barber for 8 bucks. You know you will catch yours kids doing what they're not supposed to be doing before they even get home and can catch up on all the the town gossip at the post office once a week. Neighbors still watch out for one another house when your gone and hire your kids to take care of theirs when they are. Its not a perfect place, but Mama always taught us "home is where you hang your heart". And right now my heart is here, with my family in a small Texas town.


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