It feeling like another Monday...

Here at the Casa Loco I sit. In my PJ's at 4:00 in the afternoon. I have not walked more than 100 steps today. I feel like the Tin man. Rusty and without a heart. My joints hurt and I am cold. I feel angry and frustrated. I have heard that you are what you eat, but today you are what you read is the application. I am just now done reading the blog of a woman from Utah who is a news anchor in SLC. She is an apostate Mormon. There is much controversy and news about the lecture that D. Oaks gave at the BYU campus in Idaho yesterday. It involved the Proposition 8 movement and he made a comparison to some civil rights's issues with the blacks of this country in their struggle to gain victory over the suppression they suffered with for many years. I have been know to be considered to liberal in my thinking for many of the family members I share a name with. And with that said I have just erased 18 lines of this post in an effort not to offend anyone.

I believe in the institution of marriage. I believe in the sealing ordinance I received in the Temple when I was married to the Handsome Husband. I know where I stand on the issue of same sex marriage. A family is a family when people are involved. I have tried to live my life with the attitude of Love One Another. I have had several gay friends over my lifetime. I believe there is a saying to hate the sin but love the sinner. I am now told that tolerance is what is being taught to school children. If I ever found out that one of my family members was disrespectful to another for their differences I would come unglued. I am not sure what I am getting at and I know this is a rambling post. But that is my frustration with this issue.

I believe everyone should be able to provide health care for their families. And every family should be able to live where they choose, shop where they want and be who they want to be to. So with that said, let me also say this...
When I decided to live my live according to the doctrine and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I had to make a decision. To do and not to do somethings that I found enjoyable. Some of the choices were easy. Others harder. But is was my choice. And I understood by not living in accordance with those principals I would not be able to participate in some of the functions of the Church. So I choose to pay my tithe, I choose to adhere to The Word of Wisdom, I choose to be honest, true and chaste in my marriage and with my fellowman. And I enjoy the blessings and sometimes suffer the trials of those decisions.
Choices and Consequence it is the very foundation of man's existence. I just wish people would make the guild lines in a bold and italic print.

There will always be people who want change, who will run for office based on popular demands. But I know what my principals are and I do my best to live by them. They may not be your principals but let's just have a decent amount of respect for each other and maybe meet somewhere in the middle.


Well said. Why is it Im following your blog but I didnt know you had new posts?

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