If I have said it once, I have said it ONE THOUSAND TIMES...

I hate to take pills. I forget to take pills. I have three children because I forget to take pills. And if I have to add another pill to my pill popp'n routine I just might curl up and die. And THEN what would Ya'll do? For the 2.5 of you out there, there would be no Scrambled Brain to devour. But this whole situation in the hormone department has driven me to make the call and go get me a patch or somthing to fix up this here mess of symptoms. I go from sweating to shivering at night. My skin looks like a 16 year girl getting ready for prom. And I am not even going to go into the whole mood swing issue. So yes I am going to the doctor and seek another pill to pack in my 7 day alarm controled pill popp'n box. Thank You Mother Nature and Goodnight Irene.


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