I gave you a choice and this is what you choose...

It is 11 minutes past midnight so I guess that makes it Monday morning. I hate Mondays. They seem to be filled with so much overwhelming "to do" stuff. But that stuff is going to have to get set on the back burner this week. I am going to have to carve time out of my routine to help one of my children to understand the value of doing her chores in a respectful manner. I have had the last power play of the year. Today she even took on the Handsome Husband with an iron will that would have Rosie O'Donnell scared. Her flare for the dramatic (DON"T KNOW WHERE SHE GETS IT FROM) grows like weeds in the garden. Left unchecked it takes over and chokes out all the good things you want in there. 2/3 of my children will respond to a reprimand over simple things and sometimes you even have to yank a knot in their ponytail, but not this one. She wants to WIN, she wants to WIN BIG. And by that she wants to take home the Academy Award for best performance behind the front door. Several years ago we had a doctor tell us she had what was referred to as Oppositional Defiance Disorder, (yeah take a year or two and read up on that one), we choose to set the boundary's and limitation in our home and not use medication or counseling. It worked for us. But she has a WILL OF FRIGGING IRON. And as the mother of such a child I have to make sure I re enforce what I say when I say it. One inch and she takes TEN miles. So this week is looking good people.

UPDATE: There has not been any new leads to the recovery of my neighbor Katie Jo Brewer, several rumors are circulating here in town and this was confirmed by a volunteer fireman on Saturday.


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