The sun will come out tomorrow...

So last night was Homecoming. And it rained. It sucked. I am in the Band Boosters and have to set-up the concession stand at 3:00pm for the game. Darling #10 went with me yesterday. We "thought" it was going to clear up. After several trips to the visitors side for concession groceries, we gathered our last load and headed back to "HOME". As we rounded the corner #10 and I burst out in song "The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow ther'll be sun, just thinking about tomorrow" get the picture. Well about 5:30 we had a massive storm cell move back in. (*I wish I had had my camera*)
I am not the die-hard WARRIOR fan that is willing to sit in the rain for high school football. But I was amazed at the amount of fans that continued to flood the gates for a Homecoming Game. Half-Time, the all inclusive show. The Band, The Twirlers, The War Dancers, The Cheerleaders, THE CROWNING OF THE QUEEN.

it rained. no it poured. DID YOU HEAR ME INTERNET PEOPLE, it was a freaking monsoon. it was not fair.

But hey the FAIR is where you take the pigs and that does not happen here in our county for 4 more weeks. And this very minute, today, the sun IS shining! It's gonna be a good day. Do you know why? Well 18 years ago tonight, Handsome Husband and I had our first date at the Kay County Fair, 18 years ago. Wow! Time has flown by so quickly, yet it has been a long road. I love you Handsome Husband.


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