Sticking to the facts....

I guess because I have not been in contact with "town" for the past 3 days I have not heard a word of what is in "circulation". Having worked in a field where information is highly confidential I would have never dreamed of talking about, passing along or just idle chatter about the person or circumstances of someones life who I was caring or working for. The same holds true to the Missing Persons of Katie Jo Brewer. I have only posted what I know to be public knowledge and fact. The ability of the departments involved to solve cases like this and millions around our county depend on facts. Nothing more and nothing less.

The posts I have made about this situation were more of a way to release. I am Katie's neighbor. What more could I have done? As soon as I was able to I did what ever was needed. That included passing out flyer's, knocking door to door and when required going on foot into places that I never would have imagined.

I have a new and complete respect for the Police and Fire Departments of Fannin County. If you are from an outlying county, you too *wink* *wink* Paris! Thank God for the Red Cross and the Fannin County CERT (certified emergency response team). Search One K9 and MAR-K9. No judgement of what you do is made here.

May God please hear my prayers at this time as I now include those men and woman who will continue to search for Katie.


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