So many thoughts and so little time...

OK Internet people, grab a drink, cozy in and let's settle down for a long talk. Today my brain is having what we in the world of TBI and MTBI call a "Bad Brain Day" or as I like to call it SCRAMBLED BRAINS. Things are off. Smell, taste, headache, mood (oh just ask the handsome husband) and most of all my ability to communicate with the world. So let's just start with yesterday, wow, it was a freaking GREAT day. I went with a friend to another friends surprise birthday lunch, shopped at Hobby Lobby, attended the Pep-Rally, went and worked at the concession stand for Band Boosters.....and that is when I knew I was on a one way collision course for disaster. In the concession stand I was doing good, OT Jeff would have been proud. Then I felt it. IT. The choppy feeling like the ground is going to come racing up to my throat and I am gonna take a digger. I realized it was the lights. There are several ceiling fans in there and with the lights they can and do create a strobe light effect. I left, tried to catch my breath, sweat, and talked myself out of call handsome husband in coming to get me. I found some friends in the stands and tried to remain as normal as I could for the remainder of the game. Not sure how I managed to get out of the parking lot but got over to the band hall and waited for #14. Got home and everyone realized I had had a seizure. And today I am paying the price. Here is where my frustration lies. I can write about it in the aftermath, but have no ability to control the action that cause the chain of events. At what point did I know to say "oh I think I am done today, if I push on, I'll have a seizure"?


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