It's a driving adventure...

Today was one of those days. I scheduled #14's doctor appointments together as to save her the time away from school. So long story short, in the car from about 5:45am till about 6:00pm. My head, neck and shoulders are killing me.
It was no bueno as it being a "NO SPENDING DAY" also. More on that in a later post. But the big hurrah is #14 is finally responding to a drug therapy that is making her skin start to heal and not flare. For those of you that don't know her, she suffers from a extreme form of eczema and auto-immune disorder that keeps her pretty miserable for the most part. For those of you that do know her you will agree that she is AMAZING. To be burdened with such a painful and disfiguring skin condition she has sunshine in her soul.
More on the dance of #10. The girl has ghetto in her soul. And as such she is really struggling in her dance class this year. Her body wants to go and do things that are not in line with anyone else let alone the instructor. I am taking a video camera on Thursday in hope that she will be able to she herself and try and be a little more discipline.
Handsome Husband is asking me to really look at my ability to manage my time and skills at home right now. He wants me to evaluate if I need to get some kind of OT for re-enforcement of congnative therapy. I am not trying very hard to follow the dos and don't for "maximum recovery for mild traumatic brain injury". I had a little discussion with OT Yonder Brother this past weekend and he informed me that lo and behold why yes dear sister you still need to have therapy. Needless to say I am feeling pissed about it. I am at a loss for how to go about getting this therapy here. Can't Jeff, OT from up north just come to mt beloved Texas and show me how to make it happen? God help me if I have to sort marbles into jars and make quilt blocks again I will go loco. That is the reason I can scrapbook and paint is due to the creative mind of OT Jeff. He realized right fast that I would be unable to stand the mundane task that most OT's would have paced me through.
And by the way Handsome Husband says cupcakes are not therapy, phhhhsssttttt.


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