How many wrongs can make it right...

Pillsbury Moist Supreme "STRAWBERRY" cake = Wrong
Pillsbury Easy Frost (like easy cheese) "decadent chocolate fudge" frosting = Wrong

BUT if you bake that cake into little cupcakes and frost it with this frosting, it's like a chocolate covered strawberry!! And that makes me oh so very happy tonight.

It has been a pretty tough day here at the casa loco. Woke up with a headache, missed a sewing day with friend Sheri, remembered that today was shot day for #14, drove to Frisco, forgot all about pageant registration for #10, hurried and got that filled out; with a CD of music, hand written lyrics because we had to edit the music, and the photo for the paper and wrote the check. Needless to say I am now having a full blown panic attack, as we chat. My deal was to make said cupcakes from scratch so #14 could enjoy them but that plan failed when I used frozen strawberries instead of fresh. Thus I boldly turned to the pantry and came forth armed, locked and loaded with said supplies.

I don't want to go back on the medication that enables me to stay focused, organized and put more together. You must think I am deranged for even considering such a thing. But here's the deal, even though you look well on the outside and you are able to handle all the crap, you feel like your trying to swim the English Channel filled with jello. And that is not a good feeling. So I hold onto the freedom of being a manic for one more day, bake my cupcakes from a box and eat them too.


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