Have you ever met a kosher dog...

and by that let's just say I am not talking about the kind you eat. While I was making a trip the the police department, I met the most handsome stranger, his name was BLUE. He was a Stafford Bull Terrier. He had to be the most friendly creature I have ever met. But I digress. He used to be a welcome visitor in the local PD but due to a code or something like that he is not allowed in the building, only service dogs are allowed into public builds. So as a very large and rude might I add, officer came out the door he said "he's not gonna bite me is he?" And Blue's owner was quick to replay, "He doesn't eat pork." So I found this absolutely freaking funny. Started laughing, got a real mean look from the officer and told ole' Blue I would be proud to take his photo any time he wanted. Blue has also served as a Hospice Dog. Not that one can call that service, right. Well this got me to thinking I wish I could be of more service to ones in need. But I have a tendency to not be willing to get there and do it, ya know? So I have a plan, a wild idea of sorts, its in the works and maybe with the help of a few friends it will come to fruition. More later.

Other than my crazy ideas I am in the middle of a life purge. Well it started out as just a desire to get the shed cleaned and have a yard sale. But I have a husband who really really wants us to have more than a few dollars in the savings account. So here is the plan:
1. the NO-SPEND and CONTROLLED SPEND Days action plan (not my idea, UGH)
2. the 3 sort system to clear out the clutter in our (MY) (this is my idea) life.
3. make it to the end of the month and have put money into both long term and short term savings and not have to rely on over-time for the day to day operations here at casa loco.

I am doing well on the No-Spend, Controlled-Spend days cause right now there is just no extra money. HUMPH!

The Purge, well that is another story and one I never would have figured would have been so eye opening. Internet people, I HAVE A TON OF CRAP. More CRAP than you and you and you put together. This is why I have no money at this time, I spent it all on CRAP. I could do a project a day FOR*FREAKING*EVER and never have to go to the store again. But, again, I digress.

Friend Jessica helped me do a sort yesterday. And boy oh boy was she harsh, she was mean, she was fire-breathing, OK not really. But she is good at this not being attached to things gig. I would have never been able to stay focused and not perseverate on one specific thing for to long if it had not been for her. But here is the sweetest delee-O of all, 9 (NINE) totes of Halloween decorations streamlined down to 2 (TWO), I say just 2 totes. My entire living room looks like the Nightmare Before Christmas, My office looks like Garbage day and I am having a Yard Sale tomorrow. Oh bother now it looks like rain. Pray for me, no, not me, Pray for SUNSHINE. Pray that the sun will come out tomorrow.


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