Failure to re-boot...

It is so much easier to act like it did not happen. It is a non issue here at casa loco. But I did it up good this time. I had a grand-mal seizure, ummmmm about a week and a half ago, I think. I re injured an old ligament tear, went to the er, got pain meds, had more little seizures, wrong kind of pain meds and basically spent the last 10 days in the LAND OF THE LOST, and Will Ferrell did not even have the decency to show up. Today has been the first day I have felt like me. That's the prob-lame-O with a seizure disorder, it erases your hard drive and and you can't boot-up. So I had to get some recovery disks (sick days). That included the Handsome Husband to be home for now going on almost 2 weeks. I don't know what I would have done without him this time around.

So for the next couple of days I am taking it easy. Not going to push to hard. Be good. RIGHT!!??

Wrong, Sister #2 is coming for a visit. If she reads this before I tell her she will see that there is a parade that both #14 and #10 are in this SAT. It is the Fair Parade. Pageant is coming up in a week and a half. Have to finish the dress. She has to finish the routine.

I sometimes wonder if it was better when the girls were not able to participate in activities due to my limitations. Life a simpler. They were board. As they have gotten older I have have struggled with the guilt associated with them being raised by a mother head trauma, its unpredictable. It's emotional. But it's a blessing in disguise. I had to prioritize my life and learn to value the insignificant moments of life. I see things in color now and not just black and white. But with that said there is no room for gray.

Now if you will excuse me for the night I bid adu'. I have many programs that need reinstalled here at the casa.


Anonymous said…
mama you really shouldnt feel guilty. seriously i feel like it was one of the Lords trials that he felt my sisters and I needed and could handle. and for the most part i feel we have handled it very well. and no matter what you did an excellent job raising me and the girls. Thank you so much. I love you mama.

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