CAKE POPS, need I say more?

OK so I will say this.  If I was a diabetic I would be in the hospital right now internet people.  This has got to be one of the most freaking fantastic sugar treats I have made in a really long time. And get this, it is SO simple.  I have a new Blog Romance going on at this time.  Her name is Bakerella.  And I love her.  This is my first attempt at the now famouse CAKE POPS.  I am wanting so badly to make the CUPCAKE POPS (need to find the 1.23 flower cookie cutter).  Inside this little sunny yellow ball of pure bliss is what started out as just a cake; baked, crumbled and blended with a can of cream cheese frosting.  I did make one mistake and that was to listen to the Martha Stewart video.  Start with 1/2 - 3/4 of the frosting and add more as you go along.  I would have really prefered the inside to be more dense and less gooey.  But heck for a first try it was a winner.  And I think I know someone who just might be having a Birthday this weekend so if there are any left I'll deliver them to her at church on Sunday( this yeilded about 60 of these little sugar monsteres)  Who ever said let them have their cake and eat it too, should have never lost her head!


Jerushia said…
Dee, we have a williams sonoma at the promenade. I'll check next time I'm there for a little flower cutter for you.
The pampered chef mini cutters have a small flower in it, it works okay.

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