72 hours...

72 hours is a really really long time, yet it can pass so quickly. If you have ever had a loved one go missing or know a friend or neighbor who has, know that you are in my prayers tonight and always. I can not imagine the frustration of the agencies trying so desperately to locate Katie Jo Brewer. It has been an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other men and woman who are giving their all to locate Katie. She is my neighbor.

One of the things I have missed about Wyoming since our move here to Northern Texas has been the "One Place, One Community" feeling I had living there. But for the past 2 days I saw first hand how many folks are out there giving of their time, energy and talents to someone else. To them Katie is family, friend, neighbor, citizen or just a woman in need. But those folks are willing to do what they can to help someone out, no questions asked.

It is with a heavy heart and sadness that I have to say Katie has not been found. Her husband Tom has been out in the rain, on his 4 wheeler all day. We have all been in and out of the woods, the brush and every conceivable place that she could have gone. I ache for him tonight, her children and grandchildren as well.


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