Welcome Back, Welcome Back

Well after a year hiatus I feel the need to start writing again. I came to this decision after deciding that if my post is offensive I can not apologize. This is my story and our life. If you are offended please just move it right along. Don't leave any rude or uncalled for comments.
Now with that said, WOW, alot has sure happened this past year. Last chapter I was working full time and trying to navigate my way through the working world. I was not balancing home and family well. Cody and I split up last September. I guess the toll of each of losing a parent within a year of each other really showed our weakness and strengths. But with that said, we are learning to make a new trail together. I am trying to be more understanding, and he, more patient.
Darling daughter #1 finally graduated, (whew), it was a close call. And now has moved out onto greener pastures than our little small town can offer. She has returned to her beloved Wyoming. I am not doing well that transition into this phase of motherhood. I am a total mess with how to deal with the loss of my child and the gain of this new young woman. I don't know how to respond, react, and respect the wonderful adult she is becoming.
Darling Daughter #2 is going to be a freshman, she is on the twirling line and in band playing percussion. She jumped from adolescent to young ladie. She is a one cute girl!! I am so proud of how she handles her disease. It just kills me to not be able to control the way this thing limits her activities, yet stand in awe at how she does not let it defeat her. There is sunshine in her soul.
And Darling Daughter #3, well. She just IS! She is going to dance in the competition team this year. She will also be doing the local pageant in October. She jumped that line from my little baby girl to a little lady this summer. We packed away the ever present twin babies and barbie. And kicked evil Polly Pocket to the curb. (I secretly did a dance with that one)
I am staying home, and struggle every day with this decision. I know it is the best for my family. But feel so unproductive. I hate being home. I am not a good housewife. I would rather shuck clams than do laundry, I place at the table a burnt offering to the demi goddess of housework every night and in the morning the mess is still there.
I am working on getting my scrapbook room cleaned out. I have taken a few photo sessions. I need to take more time and read my scriptures and get on my knees and remember my personal prayer.
My life is blessed. I love my family. I have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to be a better wife, mother, sister, friend and neighbor.


Jessica said…
Welcome back to the blogging world!
Julie said…
It is good to have you back. I missed hearing from you. Where is DD #1 staying in Wyo and what is she doing? We hope to see more posts from you in the future.

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