Today was another one of those days that started off with good intentions. You know the kind, you have have them too. I started a load a laundry, put away a load of laundry, cleaned the pool, and that was it. There was so much more to do and well I just did not do it. When Handsome Husband called tonight (from the beach in Vera Cruz) he wanted to know what I had been up to, well that was the wrong thing to ask. You do not ask a woman who is stuck in the heat, land locked, with the kids, while you are on the beach, what did she acomplish today!
So. One a really cool note, I found this AWSOME laundry product. TIDE, Stain Release, in-wash booster. WOWZERS Batman! This little packets are bomb diggity, yep that right I said bomb diggity! I hate to have all those pesky little stains that pesky little girls accumulate on my nice clean laundry. AND THIS STUFF WORKS!
I spent the day with #10, #10's friend, #10's friend's Mom, and another little friend. We took off for Sherman where I picked up some of my jewlery from the Jewlery Bench. Off to Old Navy, Pier One, and Panera Bread for a bite of lunch.
Dance started this week so #10 and her friend had us hurry back to get them to class by 4:30. OK if your saying "whew" by now you can understand my frustration with the Handsom Husband for wondering why I did not do much today!


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