Friday Night Lights...

Well if you have ever lived in a small town in Northern Texas you know what I am talking about. Friday Night Football!! The Bonham Purple Warriors got off this year to a very s l o w start. We lost. But on the upside our band and marching auxiliaries looked AWESOME!! The band looked better than it has in the four years that we have lived here, the War Dancers were large and in change and of course our TWIRLERS looked FABBITY!!

Bailee #14 took to the field for the very first time and never dropped her baton. It was also very interesting to note that #10 who was with a a friend decided that since she now is the holder (notice I did not say owner) of her own cell phone that it would be OK to roam the stadium, that was a a great big negative from mom. The comment was made by a friend of #19 that "I guess some of the pretty girls are just born that way" "look at #10 and her friend". I guess all I can say is I hope, really really hope that even if my kid is one of those "pretty girls", she will also be a kind, caring and compassionate girl also. I sure don't want her to be one of "those" girls. And with that aid I am off to make sure she understand that no means no and all girls have chores on Saturday morning! Have a great weekend.


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