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Do you get the idea that Dance has started to just about consume the life of everyone who lives here in this house?? Between #10 and #14 I feel like I should dust off my dancing shoes. I took dance as a small girl,the standard tap/ballet from Billie Bess in Glendora, CA where I grew up. All the girls in my Stake took from Miss Billie (it was so cool to call her that and not Sister Bess :) But my favorite was the Hawaiian dance classes I would take from her in the summer. I really did love those classes. Seminary started this week for #14, and #10 and myself go with her and spend that hour in the morning doing yoga and walking. But as directed by Miss Renee from DANCE today #10 need to get a bit more flexible. So I guess we will be working on that one.
I baked cupcakes today out of sheer panic mode. I do that that when I am riddled with anxiety, I bake. And instead of eat them or letting the girls eat them we shared them with friends from my VT route and a couple other friends. It felt good to share. I realize that with out my light shining this past year or so or 2 or 3, I have not been a very happy person. I miss being happy. So no more anxiety, no more cupcakes and I felt happy today. It was a good day.


Jerushia said…
are those claires darling dance feet??? Love the pic. Hannah would LOVE to take dance! We've been looking for a deal on a piano though and want the girls to take piano lessons.

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