You aint nothin but a Horn Dog!

That's right baby I did not say "Corn Dog" I said "Horn Dog". I guess I am to be flattered that after three children, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain, ugly moods, adult acne, hormonal crisis and did I say weight gain my husband still finds me attractive. He loves to grab my boobs, my butt and anything that gets his game on. Several years ago when the TBI was a new resident in our household it was really hard on our "intimate" relationship. So as any good Speech Therapist would do (BTW she became a very good friend), she suggested we come up with a "CODE" word for the dirty deed. So we called it doing the "laundry". I would write it down in my daily planner for an evening at the laundromat. This way I was able to think about it during the day and not be shocked that night that he wanted to do what??!! We needless to say we are out the "laundry" phase and I just tell him NO, not tonight dear. Regardless of how hateful I am he sent me this the other day I it made me all, ya know, wanting to get the laundry done and damn if he is out of town. Let's do Laundry


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