Some of you have asked why I have not posted pictures of little #9. The truth is I take more pictures of her than I do of #13 and #17. She is a fun and willing subject for my photography practice. Although she has come to the stage of won't smile with her mouth open. She has a crooked tooth and is very self conscious of it. She is going to have to wear braces and probably go back into her glasses this coming few months. Throw that in with the trepidation of going to 4th grade and the fear of HORMONES (she has experienced her sisters first hand) she is going to be one fun party girl, NOT! Do you remember Judy Blume and her controversial books. I do, I had to read them at Tammy's house and ask Tammy the questions I was afraid to ask my Mom. It's not that I did not know the facts of life (I am the oldest of 6 kids) these books just felt "forbidden". Raising girl number three I have learned to answer only what is asked. But yet at times I wonder if that is all she wanted to know, what prompted her to ask. She is WAY more inquisitive than the first two and can carry on a witty and engaging conversation with kids and adults alike. The world better watch out, as Dr. Barnes once said to us "kids like her are hell to raise, but, they will be the people who make a difference in the world, if they survive past the age of 18."


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