Dead Batteries

WHY do digital camera's eat batteries like mama eats donuts? I have learned to charge my batteries almost every night. Because inevitably when I need them, they are dead. (like at #9's talent show, third grade program, etc. etc.) So I understand any ones frustration when they go to take pictures and the camera is dead. HERE IS WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND...MY FATHER! He recently spent a week in Wyoming for my youngest brothers college graduation and a 4 day trip to Yellowstone. His batteries died. He forgot his charger. Sooooooo he bought a new camera, ok. But not just any camera, a NIKON D-60. This man is CRAZY. Who buys a camara like that when all they needed was a battery charger! But I have to tell you this, I must be just as crazy as he is. For I perseverated on that camera for the remainder of his trip (he HAD to call me and tell me about his purchase). I looked it up on the Internet, I read about it, I thought about it, I salivated over it. I even forgot about donuts for a few days. He got home on Saturday and came here to the house, but I was napping (dreaming of the Nikon). I went to church Sunday and could not get it out of my head, my palms were literally itching all during the meetings. Finally at around 3:00pm I got to meet the Nikon. Those photos of #13 on the slideshow below are just the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship with the Nikon. And I understand my Dad a little bit better than than before, we are both crazy.


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