Sometimes it is just a random thought, but most of the time it is a REALLY BIG IDEA. These seem to happen in the shower for me. And I don't know about you but I don't keep a notebook in the shower. One of my favorite blog authors is DOOCE, she has the coolest collection of notebooks. But I have shower crayons. It is not uncommon for my darling husband to get in the shower after me and erase all my REALLY BIG IDEAS! So I am searching for a new solution. The mini tape recorder can't get wet. I am also sure in the last 7 years I have caused the profit margin for the 3M company to skyrocket, I have more post-it notes around my house than a crazy lady has cats. But the problem still remains; I write it down, repeat it to myself 3 times and put it in an obvious spot, the FORGET IT!


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