ET Take your buddies and get the HELL out of here!

I spent the day running errands with daughter #13. I really don't know what has happened to my sweet girl. I am positive if I split her open I would be able to extract some form of an alien being from her hormone enraged little body. She has quite a high IQ witch make things even more complicated. No one is smarter, wiser, more experienced or OPIONATED than her. I have not seen MIB or MIB, II for awhile, maybe I need to re-watch them tonight and figure out a way to fight the creature that lives within her. This is God's trick. Daughter #17 was mild to fair through this puberty phase. And Lordy help me daughter #9 is going to cause a national crisis not even Tommy Lee Jones can help us out of. Maybe if I wear an aluminum foil hat I will be resistant to the hormonal powers at play in all three of them, HA!


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