Bluebells and Beauty

I meant to post this video earlier in the spring, but you know how that goes. Here we are at Memorial day weekend and I realized I had not done it. This is a common scenario here in my home. Or I swear that I have done something, go to the edge of death defending myself only to be proven wrong. This happens more than I care to admit but not often enough to remember not to remind myself that I may have very well forgotten to do something. That is part of the Brain Injury. I was in Occupational Therapy for a solid 2 years and then another 3 off and on. This time was well spent on developing coping skills to live an independent life. But the brain has to have boundaries and have those boundaries reinforced like a young child. Thus erupts fits of behavior that would make any young'en hopped up on Jolly Ranchers and Diet Coke proud! I am having a very hard time with the reinforcement of those coping skills. I am no longer in OT. I just do not feel like anyone can understand how very very scary this can get. Conclusion; Darling Husband I am sorry for being such a little crapper tonight. I will try harder tomorrow, so I am off to bed. Good Night.


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