Silver and Gold.

HOW EXCITING!! Two new Nieces this past week,

one from my sister and one from my husbands brother!

More GIRLS!!

Both of these girls were born on the same day within the same hour!

Well I guess you could say I have mentally written several blog entries the past several days. But alas they have flown into one ear and out the other. Life sometimes gets that way. I have made the decision, with the help of my family, to seek employment outside our home I have not worked a consistent job since my head injury 7 1/2 years ago. Yes I have had the odd job here and there, never really feeling like I have accomplished much of anything. But due to the economic environment of our household I will bee seeking that every shining pot-o-gold the "PAYCHECK". I not sure how I am feeling about this as I can talk a good talk and have talked about wanting to go back to work since the day they said I was not able to. But do I really have what it takes anymore. I am scared. I guess I will have to look for the silver lining in the clouds.

I will never know until I just DO IT.


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