Hostage Situation.

Today I was trapped by my three daughters (yes all 3), in a single doctors office for the usual wait of 30-40 minutes before we saw the doctor. I was just ready to ask to be transfered to the behavioral health center when he walked in the door and exclaimed "OMG, Thank God I don't have kids." Now what kind of FAMILY practice doctor does not have his own children?? How is he gonna have a clue what mysterious ailment behooves my 9 year old that has kept her out of school off and on for the past TWO WEEKS! HE HAS NO CHILDREN Internet people. That would be like going to a female OB who has never had a baby herself (not something I would recommend, trust me). So here is the diagnosis of my three, yes all three children, who live in the same house and have had the same symptoms for the past two weeks. #17 has constipation, #13 has a very bad infection we are going tomorrow to see her specialist 2 hours away and #9 may have gall stones!! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? A nine year old with gall stones. Just pack my bags and feed me applesauce and get me a rubber room.


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