Morning aint what it's cracked up to be.

Good afternoon. I officially can say to the world I hate morning. Especially when I get my days and nights mixed up. Which bye the way is very easy for anyone to do but with a head injury it is even harder to turn back around. But this very morning I had the nicety of a plumber who called to tell me it was going to cost $1,500.00 to tear up and find a leak under the concrete slab in our master bathroom. Why do I what you to know this you ask, let explain.

7 year ago after the trauma to my noggin life was pretty simple. Everything was black and white in this altered universe of mine. And that means $20.00 meant I could buy 20 things at the dollar store and boy howdee did I think I was rich. That could be up to three shopping bags I could walk out of the store with. Do you get the picture? I WAS RICH!

Now tomorrow morning at approximately 10am some man is going to tear up my house (another entry for another day) and take my $1,500.00 dollars. So I guess you could say I am FREAKING OUT a bit this afternoon.


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