No news is not necessary...

I have not kept up on the blog.  Things are changing.  I am going thru some changes in medications.  It sucks.  I have been having seizures, again.  I am back to not driving.  I am not looking for sympathy.  I want things back in order.  And it is going to take time.  This blog will be on hold for a bit.  Not a top priority each week to post.  So little by little I will be back, I promise.

On a good note.  We are making some life changing plans as a family.  The Handsome Husband goes in on Wednesday morning for a gastric surgery that will affect the whole family.  We are all exercising.  We are all cutting out sugar and I am back on the cardiac diet from American Heart Association.

Seeds of change are being planted.  Hard work this spring and summer.  A beautiful harvest this fall. 

Thanks for listening.


Julie said…
Good luck on Wednesday and our prayers are with the family. I am sorry to hear that the New year has started off on such a bad note. Hugs and prayers are going your way. Good luck to you..Keep us posted on the progress.
Jessica said…
I hope you start feeling better soon! I'm excited and nervous for Cody, but i'm sure it will all work out!

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